[Gameboy Advance] Donald Duck Advance

Donald Duck Advance
Full nameDonald Duck Advance
File size3.9MB
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Donald Duck Advance is a platform game developed and published by UbiSoft for console and windows computers. The game was published on a variety of platforms, but the first time with GBA was in 2001.


The game takes place when a young reporter named Daisy tries to find out about the rumors related to the witch Merlock when she is kidnapped and disappeared. This event has consumed a lot of paper and ink of the press and exacerbated the panic about the evil conspiracy of the supernatural forces with humans. When Donald read this news in the newspaper, he created a teleporter with his friend Gyro Gearloose and sent the two to the witch’s lair. However, both of them have trapped them when they are tricked into the darkest place in the cave so they can never escape. Donald now has the only way to find a way to defeat the dark forces and get out.


you will be playing as Donald to take on a journey that answers around the same feeling when starting a trip across four worlds, including Duckie Mountain, Duckburg, Magica De Spell’s Manor, and finally, Merlock’s Temple. And in the last part, you will face and defeat the game’s ultimate goal: the main villain, to completely win the game. But before that, you have to find a way to overcome three bosses at lower levels. You will collect energy stones from world first to last. Remember, these stones are able to rescue Daisy and Gyro, not by killing Merlock. Your Donald character is relatively equipped with the necessary items to be able to get through the most difficult gates, including a variety of skills such as jumping, punching or attacking other enemies. The higher the level, the more difficulty you get with time and the difficulty level increases. However, you also have many opportunities to access better accessories

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