[Gameboy Advance] Donkey Kong Country 2

Donkey Kong Country 2
Full nameDonkey Kong Country 2
File size5.7MB
Genre Platform
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest is a platform video game developed by Rare and published by Nintendo. It was released on 21 November 1995 in Japan, and in December 1995 in North America and Europe


If you’ve played the first, then you know who the main enemy is. He is angry at getting beaten by Donkey Kong, so he kidnaps him, and it is up to you, Diddy Kong and his girlfriend Dixie, to save the day. The story from the jungle has changed into a different world that is pretty hard to explain, but it is totally different than DKC.


Beautiful. The best way to explain it is this: They took the basic gameplay of DKC and threw so much more. The new banana coin payment system for the other Kongs’ help, the hidden DK and Kremcoins, which the game’s correct endings could be unlocked, a unique new Kong ability, and a stylish new atmosphere. Making the old and new Kremlings adopt a pirate theme was excellent as well. (Let’s face it, King K. Rool was too raw, and Baron K. Roolenstein didn’t have a giant monster army. Therefore, Kaptain K. Rool, with that frickin’ giant musket, rules.) New and old animal friends open up tons of different gameplay methods. The bosses are a blast to play. Creative and innovative, and it never gets old.

The game builds on the already perfect control system by including the ability to ”team up.” This helps you reach areas that would have been impossible to reach in the original game. The game also adds even more variety to the game. For instance, in one level, you are getting chased by a ghost on a minecart, while in another,r you are at a theme park on a roller coaster. They have tweaked the already impressive gameplay by giving you different sorts of coins to collect. For example, these coins allow you to get information out of Cranky Kong and open up the secret Lost World. All in all, DKC2 is a lot longer, a lot harder, and a lot more enjoyable than the original DKC

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