[Gameboy Advance] Dragonball Advanced Adventure

Dragonball Advanced Adventure
Full nameDragonball Advanced Adventure
File size5.1MB
Genre Action , Beat Em Up
Region Europe Europe
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure is a Game Boy Advance video game based on the Dragon Ball manga and anime series. The game contains 30 playable characters.


This game covers all of Goku’s childhood. A young boy, named Goku, meets Bulma. Bulma then explains the Dragon Balls to Goku. Then they set off to collect them all, so they can summon Shenron. Goku has to defeat enemies and save people in order to obtain all of the Dragon Balls. Advanced Adventure’s story ends after the battles with King Piccolo.


You play as Son Goku, when he was a kid, in a sidescroller. There are three different ways of playing it, though. The first way is like most. Run in one direction, taking out as many enemies along the way, and getting to the end of the level. Most levels like these end off in a boss battle. The boss will either use a weapon, gun, or their fists. Basically, you will jump over their attacks and then beat them down with physical attacks and later ki blasts. The second way of playing is a little similar. You fly on the Nimbus, a yellow cloud that only the pure of heart can ride. The screen will keep moving unless you have to take out enemies like in a beat ’em up game. There are only about two levels that play in this style, so if you like these levels, you’ll have to replay them quite a lot. The final way is called one-on-one. You’ll mostly use this way of fighting in world martial arts tournaments and when you fight, experienced martial artists. You will mostly use melee attacks until you get past your opponent’s guard. Then you will hit them into the air, followed up by more melee attacks. You can also use ki blasts and can teleport behind your opponent.

Simple controls are used in these game-typical Beat-Em-Up controls. The A button jumps. The B button punches. The L button makes a special melee-style attack if you have enough energy. And the R button makes your KI attack, and your energy also determines its strength. Fun and simple; just how a game should be. And it does get repetitive. But that’s expected from a Beat-Em-Up game.

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