[Gameboy Advance] Driv3r

Full nameDriv3r
File size3.5MB
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Driver 3 is a 2004 action-adventure game, the third installment in the Driver series. Developed by Reflections Interactive,


Many scenarios lack inspiration, but flying around the curb in a sleek muscle car is still pretty fun. The game divides most of the missions into a driving portion and an on-foot portion. While the driving part is usually an intense ordeal, forcing you to complete your task in a certain amount of time, it is never too difficult (although there are a few controller tossers) and is usually entertaining-the same for the on-foot sections. The controls have the left stick strafing and the right stick looking, but it is awkward during the shooting portions; you can’t customize them doesn’t help. Speaking of the shooting parts, the enemy AI during those is practically non-existent. The gameplay boils down to standing or squatting and emptying your clip into an immobile target.

There are more driving portions than those out of the car. What really boosts the score are the extra modes. Take a Ride mode lets you go all Grand Theft Auto on one of the three cities in the weather and time of day of your choice, but if you’ve already played Rockstar’s hit, you won’t get much mileage out of this. Survival, which has you running from a fleet of crazed cops, and chase, in which you chase and gun down an enemy car, is quite a bit of fun. Film director mode, which lets you edit camera angles for any sequence you just played, is great. Choosing where to place the cameras in your run can be time-consuming, but the thrill of making your own “Ronin” or “French Connection” and the pay-off of showing off a fantastic sequence is amazing.


These take some getting used to. The driving controls are pretty sensitive, and the layout is a bit awkward if you like to use the analog as the accelerator. You can’t customize it, so you should dock it for that. Once you play for a while, though, the controls grow on you, and you’ll be able to powerslide like a maniac. The out-of-car portions handle pretty rough. The timing is a little too sensitive. A problem worsened by the questionable collision detection. The “Get in the Car” button also doesn’t trigger sometimes, and instead, the character spins around while you fail the mission. All told, the car controls are fantastic, but the on-foot controls are unforgivably sloppy.

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