[Gameboy Advance] FIFA 2007

FIFA 2007
Full nameFIFA 2007
File size0.0
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

FIFA 07 goes to last year’s version’s wonderful success and takes it one step further. The gameplay is advanced, the movement is more realistic, and we’ve also got a brand new set of features, upgraded statistics, and more user-friendly controls and style.


The gameplay has advanced a lot. You now have some combo move things to help you out, like pressing Circle and L2 together to change the shooting style. The goalkeepers are also much more intelligent than before (come on, the game was designed for next-gen) and the players also use better tactics. It’ll be much harder than before to outsmart these guys, so keep your feet kicking. Using some sweet enhanced features, you’ll have to go out there and rule all of those seasons! Whether you’re playing against your friend using a multi-tap or taking your skills online, you’re sure to have “football fever!” or “soccer sickness.”

Anything done for a long period of time gets tedious, even football. However, if you don’t get bored, there are 15 seasons of manager mode to play. FIFTEEN SEASON. Now that’s a lot. Online play is great too, the ranking system works very well. But the gameplay is very good and it’s fun to destroy Wolverhampton 12-0 with Manchester United on Semi-Pro level when you’re bored. The harder levels do provide a good challenge though, and legendary is even harder. Also, the large number of leagues and teams could make any football buff pee his pants in an instant.


Fan chants, songs, everything. From the keeper kicking the ball to the fans chanting: “Ole, Ole, Ole”, you will be satisfied with this. The music is passable, and the wide international selection of songs will ensure you don’t get bored. The sounds that the ball makes sounds very realistic. 

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