[Gameboy Advance] Fire Pro Wrestling 2

Fire Pro Wrestling 2
Full nameFire Pro Wrestling 2
File size3.9MB
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Fire Pro Wrestling is a popular game series, developed and released in mid-2001 under the Game Boy Advance platform. Although compared to some games of the same genre, it is not appreciated in terms of graphics and the business license and copyright also has a few small scandals, but can not deny the terrible sales of this game. They were released in parallel with the Game Boy Advance in June 2001. Fire Pro Wrestling 2 is a sequel to the previous game. The most beautiful thing about this game is the variety of moves and gameplay that is very close to the competition.


The gameplay is the most prominent feature of Fire Pro Wrestling 2. Each character participating in the competition will have about 40-50 different moves depending on the situation. For example, if you are being hand locked by an opponent, you can press the A button to combine punches and dodge attacks, but if the opponent is on the mat, this button can cause your wrestler to perform the finishing move. Willow, the opponent with a pillow jump.

Buttons A and B are the two buttons the player presses the most in the match because most character moves have defaulted to flips. The L and R buttons are also often used when activated for complicated operations such as headbutting, hammer throwing, and running. Each wrestler has many different strengths, but in general can be concluded: fighting style and several attacks of all characters are incredibly diverse and rich, including wrestling, wrestling, fighting gun, and power.

Game mode

There are different competitions, such as a single format, deathmatch, horror, and handicap match. Fans often watch with one vs one format, but the remaining types of matches can only be experienced in this game. Because simply, the rest of the genre is very creepy, you will almost have to kill your opponent to win.

The main mode in this game occurs in the railway, and the setup is equivalent to other sports games. It also increases with three different difficulty levels. The more you play, the more you decline and move from game to match. So the strategy is also featured in this game.

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