[Gameboy Advance] Game & Watch Gallery 4

Game & Watch Gallery 4
Full nameGame & Watch Gallery 4
File size2.5MB
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

This is a right choice for those who love variety and fun in gameplay. More specifically, “Game & Watch Gallery” is a collection of 31 games, of which there are 20 games taken from previous versions. The remaining 11 games were created and remade with much higher difficulty levels. The most prominent of these is Donkey Kong Jr and Mario’s Concrete Factory. Each of them has their own story, involving defeating a specific villain that puts Donkey and Mario in trouble in their worlds.

Category games

The game category is also the most impressive hidden feature for this game. The original 11 games remade are Donkey Kong Jr., Donkey Kong III, Fire, Boxing, Rain Shower, Mario’s Cement Factory, Chef, Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Octopus, and Fire Attack. 9 games cannot be remade. Manhole, Tropical Fish, Mario’s Bombs Away, Parachute, Bombsweeper, Climber, Safe Buster, Lifeboat and Legend of Zelda. All games in the system have 2 game modes that are difficult and easy. In particular, some games like Boxing and Donket Kong III have the ability to integrate multiplayer mode with only 1 link cable.


The games built into Game & Watch Gallery 4 do not seem to fit the modern definition of a video game console. There are not many levels for you to try and you do not need to seek more strength to develop your abilities. Each game has one to two specific tasks for you to perform, such as food or clothes to protect your laundry from the rain. You will earn points after completing missions and turn out when you cannot pass after 3 attempts. All games are minigames. The more you play, the faster the game will be and the harder it gets to master, until you reach your limit. This is probably the most outstanding feature that this game brings.

Not all games are identical, though. For example, in Marios Bros, you need to coordinate the movements of Mario and Luigi on a conveyor belt to ensure the birthday cake is successfully fitted, while Donkey Kong III is a fighting game where You use sprays to push the angry wasps towards your opponent.

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