[Gameboy Advance] Grand Theft Auto Advance

Grand Theft Auto Advance
Full nameGrand Theft Auto Advance
File size5.4MB
Genre Action , Simulation
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

GTA Advance is the most famous name in the legendary sandbox series-Grand Theft Auto. This game has been designed optimally for handheld systems compared to previous versions of Game Boy Color ports such as Grant Theft Auto 1 and 2. Digital Eclipse independently develops this game. , a third-party publisher, not by its creator, Rockstar North. It was also the first game to see such a franchise. GTA Advance has a second view from above, like other GTA versions. Besides, the game also includes some additional features such as special alert missions, medical attacks, and hidden packages.


Grand Theft Auto Advance is a 3D action-adventure game but is still designed to accommodate the Game Boy Advance’s hardware limitations. The dialogue when the player walks and collides with another person’s car has been upgraded and changed by the publisher. When the player commits a crime, there are also short lines where the police announce the vehicle’s location and maneuver. Each car has its own tune like you won’t be able to change it manually. These tunes are quite similar to previous versions and a bit similar to the GTA III.


According to the publisher’s introduction, the plot content in GTA advance is the story that takes place one year before the events of GTA III. However, this is also not clear when there is no mention or appearance of any character in GTA III in the game. Throughout the story of a con man named Mike, trying to escape the city with his teammate Vinnie, he is caught up in lousy troubles and city revenge. The game’s opening is just a few snippets typed in text form to talk about the game’s plight. This is also the weakness of the technical barrier in the way of building the character of this version.

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