[Gameboy Advance] Ice Age

Ice Age
Full nameIce Age
File size1.8MB
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

This game is adapted from the movie of the same name Ice Age. The game belongs to the platform genre and is published for the Game Boy Advance platform. Movie fans can play cute characters in the movie with decent 2D graphics. The gameplay is incredibly annoying that will bring enjoyable experiences and become very difficult for gamers.

Story and Characters

In this game, the sale will be selected to control the characters in 2 different teams, including Sid and Manny, Roshan. Of course, each team will have their unique strategies and plays. If it is Sid, you will be forced to go through the levels exceptionally quickly because you won’t have time to run around in your environment. Other characters can gain more freedom and not force you to obey the strict requirements of the time. This is also one of the reasonably new points in the developer’s way of making games. They do not have to follow specific rules to be better creative. In terms of the storyline, it’s quite fragmentary when you have a goal to collect granular items on the road and avoid road hazards like traps, wildlife, or other weather hazards.


The gameplay of this game is relatively simple. You will play a few characters in its version of the movie and take the time to get through the given levels. The goal of each level is to collect as many seeds scattered along the way as possible and reach the finish line successfully. It is quite easy to master the character, however, you can have difficulty identifying the obstacles in front of you and it seems you have no other way to try, wrong, and correct. So it takes time and requires your patience to play the same level over and over again. When you collect the required number of nuts in each level, you will almost get a surprise reward at the end of each level, but this is not easy to achieve. It was too difficult to persistently pick up the required number of pods.

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