[Gameboy Advance] Incredible Hulk, The

Incredible Hulk, The
Full nameIncredible Hulk, The
File size4.7MB
Genre Fighting
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

The Hulk is a fictional superhero appearing in publications by the American publisher Marvel Comics.


The story in this game was similar to the story in the movie. The cut scenes had The Hulk talking and what was going to go down next and it was like a comic. The story is developed around the main character, Bruce Banner, who saves a teen who gets caught in the testing field. After saving the teen, Banner gets blown away by a bomb which gave off deadly gamma energy. Now the army and villains try to take down Bruce “The Hulk” and more and more he gets angry.


The game consists of incomplete objectives of each level that are not-so-easy, it’s a 3-D without polygons you can go north, south, East, and West walking. This is because this Hulk doesn’t run, you don’t have lives there is no game over on this game if you get killed you just have to start the level once again, but Hulk is almost invincible, the game got a green bar in the left lower part of the screen of the Gameboy advance you fill that bar punching enemy if you don’t the bar will empty out but your life energy(that is up pf the green bar) will fill, but Hulk can punch and re-fill your energy.

Your abilities are just punched, jump and stomp (the green bar will decrease), and the jump is really low in compilation with the jump of the hulk from the comics or cartoons. Something that shocked me is that hulk is of the same height of his enemies, just a few are shorter than him, Hulk is huge not a little green guy. In the levels, there is an excess of enemies you fight and fight but they don’t stop or appearing that is a little annoying.


Smash, smash, smash, throw, smash, smash, jump. That is the basic gist of the gameplay and the control handles it all with out hardly any problems aside from moving. Moving in this game feels like the whole game is in slow motion. In the comics the Hulk has the ability to move at Mach speeds, but in the game you feel like the Blob. The control is fairly decent aside from the slower that drying paint movement.

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