[Gameboy Advance] Invincible Iron Man, The

Invincible Iron Man, The
Full nameInvincible Iron Man, The
File size2.1MB
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

2002’s The Invincible Iron Man from developer Torus Games (who are no strangers to comic book games) was Iron Man’s very 1st solo video game, and to be honest. It’s one of his best.


You are Tony Stark, also known as ‘The Invincible Iron Man.’ Star Enterprises is one day attacked, and your Iron Man suit is gone. Fortunately, you have a locator beacon on it, just if this very accident was to happen. So, you put on one of your spare suits and find the culprit and reclaim your suit.

It’s no end of the world, but it works. It’s more of a personal problem. Someone stole from you, so you have to teach them a lesson. Of course, there’s always the chance of the stolen suit being used to harm the innocent. We guess that could make it more dangerous. Too bad, he didn’t say that in the beginning.


Invincible Iron Man is a 2D side-scrolling action-adventure shooter, and story-wise it has a group of Iron Man’s villains who have stolen his latest Iron Man suit to use for evil purposes. Tony dons a prototype suit to find out who stole his property and get it back. Simple yet effective. Tony will blast through 9 stages total consisting of the docks, the forest, snowy mountains, and the industrial complex and take on a boss at the end of a specific stage.

Tony’s arsenal includes a flight boost, repulsor blasts, a charged up repulsor blast, shoulder tackle, unibeam, and a screen-clearing “bomb” attack that wipes everyone out when things may get a little too hectic. What’s interesting is the fact that since you’re in a prototype armor. You can’t just infinitely shoot repulsor blasts as you have a meter that depletes when shooting. So there’s actually a bit of strategy on when and how many times to shoot.

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