[Gameboy Advance] King Kong

King Kong
Full nameKing Kong
File size3.3MB
Genre Action
Region Europe Europe
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

King Kong is one of the most exciting action-adventure games adapted from the famous movie of the same name. The game was first released in 2005 on almost every platform from GBA, GC, to Playstation.


Like the plot in the movie, King Kong has all three main characters, but one of them is a single girl in the group kidnapped by an underworld. You will play the role of 2 boys to find the girl and bring her back safely. The first scenes will be played in the dense jungle on the deserted island. There will undoubtedly be many dangers ahead.


Two boys start the game with relatively thorough equipment of weapons to deal with the difficulties encountered. For example, one out of 2 people can use weapons against enemies while the other has unrivaled power to move the most massive objects to the large ones.

However, the most outstanding feature of the game is the struggles and the adventures of new lands. You will have to explore many different terrains and apply your skills and experience to guide and complete your journey. For example, you will have to assemble pieces of wood on the road’s side to build a boat to cross the river or chop pine branches to make spears. In short, if you want to conquer the game, there is no other way but to try to use your intelligence to improvise the challenges appropriately.

The game has a reasonably open ending. Your last task will usually be a gunfight at the Empire State Building to safely bring King Kong back to the brown head island. In order to reach this level, players must complete the entire game with different maps. Besides, you also have to earn 250,000 points, a figure that takes a lot of time to achieve. However, many gamers choose to hack cheat codes to get to this last round.

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