[Gameboy Advance] Kirby – Nightmare In Dreamland (Surplus)

Kirby – Nightmare In Dreamland (Surplus)
Full nameKirby - Nightmare In Dreamland (Surplus)
File size6.9MB
Genre Action , Platform
Region Europe Europe
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)


This is a game developed by the publisher Sting Entertainment. Knights in the Nightmare was announced and published on the Nintendo DS in 2009. After a year of bug collection and handling, the version has been upgraded and reworked to optimize the portable PlayStation experience. It also featured more characters as well as extra campaigns like Yuril Artwaltz. The main character’s slogan is “We Will Never Fight Alone.” Knights in the Nightmare is the 3rd game in String’s hit DEPT series.


Knights in the Nightmare is a game that contains many different colors and elements of different games. It has shooting, role-playing, traps, and lots of other features. You will not be able to ignore this game’s instructions because, in general, the gameplay is quite complex such as jumping, obstacle crossing, etc. After that, players will be directed to the interface of the storyline. Here players will be given more detailed instructions on how to play. And this will also be the most attractive part of the game if you pay attention. When you join the battle, you can take advantage of the dead warriors to aid by reviving these warriors and bringing them back to your team. The matches are also randomly selected out of order. To attack a location, you need to choose a battle character, choose a dark or light mode, and finally choose the game mode. In short, you can customize most of the features to cater to your game. Your warriors are also not the target of your opponent, but instead, their target is the Wisps

The side games are usually placed in the menu bar for the player to choose easily. These are generally simple games and playable by many people

About the quick draw, this is a game where you should press the A button as many times as possible if you want to win fast. The stronger the Opponent, the less time you have to win

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