[Gameboy Advance] LEGO Football Mania

LEGO Football Mania
Full nameLEGO Football Mania
File size4.1MB
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Lego Football Mania is one of the titles that has acquired the Lego license. This game includes a game that is quite fun when and is aimed at young teenagers. It’s worth sitting down for a few minutes so you can sit down for a few minutes to try. However, this may not be quite the most appropriate option for those who want a more severe football experience.


All of the characters in the game are mainly made up of various lego blocks and accessory fish. In particular, players and characters outside the border have a square body and a round head. However, the game has the name “Lego,” but there are very few original lego appearances. In other words, if you look forward to the arrival of Lego, then you will be disappointed.

How to play and control the soccer players in this game is relatively easy. You will be able to play up to 4 people and manage different teams participating in other tournaments. Moves you can do include high jumps, slaps, kicks, and a few tricks for long and short passes. It does not contain any complicated techniques or varied strategies. You also have the chance to obtain power-up items, which can be picked up on the field by you or your opponent. These include explosions that stun and confuse the opponent’s movement.

Game mode

This game has different game modes, in which the primary game mode is soccer. You will be able to enter the competition without any prompts. You can set many other parameters related to the game. The Lego cup is the most prestigious cup you need to achieve. It’s a knockout tournament, and you need to win all your matches to win the championship. Besides, you can participate in quests other than football. For example, you need to take part in training quests to get used to the gameplay. When you complete these minigames, you will unlock other skill areas to improve your level.

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