[Gameboy Advance] Mario Tennis Advance – Power Tour

Mario Tennis Advance – Power Tour
Full nameMario Tennis Advance - Power Tour
File size11.0MB
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Mario Tennis: Power Tour is a 2005 sports game developed by Camelot Software Planning and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance.


It is very similar to the first Mario Tennis, but it is set later down the track. The good thing is that in this game, the matches are a lot shorter, so now you can clock the game in a lot less time than you would in the first game. The story is also a lot more interesting, with a whole varsity class and Mario World tournament.


Here’s basically the most important part of the whole thing. Since Camelot made it, well prepare for some RPG aspects in the game since well, this is a game boy advance game, the game is very similar to Golden Sun and Mario Golf for the Game boy Advance. Walking around the academy and talking to everyone is optional. You may learn invaluable things about people around the academy or certain little secrets. Or maybe it will just be useless and feel like a chore. Well, it is a little bit in between. It gets annoying talking to people, but sometimes you can get little bits of information crucial for advancing throughout the game. Now, on to playing an actual tennis match. Serve the ball, run around, strategically play through points, all together with these new power shots (well, they were in Mario Tennis for the Game cube, but they weren’t in the Game Boy Color version) that definitely make for some unbalanced gameplay. Sometimes, power shots are hard to hit back, but it doesn’t really badly affect the game. The game still is entertaining. It just needs a strategy.


Game boy games don’t usually have too complicated controls. Well, this is the case for Mario Tennis. The controls can be learned in 10 minutes! With great use of the Left and Right buttons, power shots are easy to pull off, and just by using the A and B buttons, you can hit topspin, slice, power, lobs, or drop shots! And it isn’t hard! This makes the game playable for many ages!

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