[Gameboy Advance] Megaman Zero 4

Megaman Zero 4
Full nameMegaman Zero 4
File size9.3MB
Genre Adventure , Platform
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Mega Man Zero 4 is a video game developed by Inti Creates and Natsume published in 2005 by Capcom for the Game Boy Advance (GBA) handheld.


The story has never been an essential factor in Megaman games, but the story is incredible in the zero series. You may not understand the word if you have not played the first three games, but I will reveal some information. The main bad guy is a neo-arcadian Reploid  that plans to run an operation called “Ragnarok.” This intends to destroy the environment. Better contact Captain Planet! The story is sufficient through the beginning, but near the end, it is flawless. It is a touching, fantastic story that not only gets the job done but entertains as well.


The most critical factor in games is most people know Megaman as a challenging semi-linear platformer. This is true in this game. After a few intro stages, you can choose which boss to tackle. Most bosses have elemental strengths and weaknesses, which can prove useful. You run and jump through the steps, slashing and shooting.

But Capcom has taken the rod and shield that we are used to and added the Z-knuckle. This weapon allows you to take the enemy’s weapons and use them yourself! This provides a Kirby-like experience that is quite fun. Also, enemies now drop parts, which you can use to make chips to enhance your speed, jump, slash, etc.

You Cyber-elf is entirely different this time around. You are given one elf, which mimics other elves. You just need to raise its level by feeding it E-crystals. Then you set the level of mimicking. Just make sure that it doesn’t surpass your elf capacity!

You can now change the weather in the stages, allowing for a different experience. If you choose harsh weather, you get the boss’ EX skill when you beat it. This makes it somewhat easier to obtain these skills. You can also revisit stages quickly, which is nice.

The bosses are fun and challenging and test your abilities. Beating the game under certain circumstances, unlocks mini-games, which are fun and enjoyable. The challenge may be too much for some, and it should be no trouble for Megaman veterans or nutters.

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