[Gameboy Advance] Megaman Zero

Megaman Zero
Full nameMegaman Zero
File size3.3MB
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

The Mega Man Zero series is a series in Capcom’s Mega Man video game franchise.


The game takes place many, many years after Megaman X6. Ceil, Ciel, however you like to spell it, is housing Reploids after a group called Neo Arcadia accuses them all of being Mavericks (Reploids has gone out of control by the Sigma or Zero Virus). Ciel then ends up being found and is attacked by a group of minions from NA. She and her Reploid buddies try to run but are cornered by the NA’s evil Reploids. Ciel then sees Zero, in a broken state, and revives him. Zero can’t remember a thing, though, so Ciel tells him that she wants him to stop Neo Arcadia and destroy… X! Since Zero can’t remember his friendship with X, he goes off to destroy him.


The best part of MMZ. MMZ steers away from the X games’ tried-and-true gameplay: no more selecting one of 8 bosses to fight, no more armor upgrades, none of that stuff. It’s all Zero in MMZ, and he’s even cooler to play with than he was in the X games. Zero can do everything he did in the X series, except fight using the awesome abilities he had–Zero’s been under cryogenic sleep for 100 years (see Zero’s ending in X6), and he forgot everything he once knew. However, Zero can recall his techniques over time by simply using weapons and becoming proficient with them.

At the end of each mission (MMZ has a mission-based gameplay structure), you are given a rank. Speed, taking a few hits as possible, etc., all factor into the overall rank. What might seem strange is that you get penalized for using Cyber Elves during a mission, but it totally makes sense. Think of it this way: you’ll get greater rewards for not using Elves. This is because it proves that you can get the job done with as few aids as possible. And really, you’re damn good if you can maintain a high rank in MMZ because it’s a fairly difficult game (though Rockman & Forte is harder).

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