[Gameboy Advance] Metal Slug Advance

Metal Slug Advance
Full nameMetal Slug Advance
File size3.5MB
Genre Platform
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Metal Slug Advance is a five-foot game from the Metal Slug series. It was first published in 2004 in many major markets such as the US, Japan, and Europe. Game in the 2D action genre is influenced by the arcade-style. The focus of the game is still non-stop fighting and shooting. Players will have to continually upgrade their weapons to increase combat power and kill enemies.


The setting of the game is the revenge of Tyra Elson, a young girl who escapes from tribulation after a bloody chase from the violent army. The leader of that army is the cruel general Morden, the cruelest general in human history. he has been destroying all the poor cities and countryside, including Tyra’s family. She joined the Peregrine Falcons to foster her dream of vengeance. Here she is trained extremely arduous and challenging to become the best mercenary assassin. During a mission, she met Walter Ryan, also an extremely talented mercenary. The two became synonymous and shared a feud with Morden. They begin to seek revenge against Morden’s organization but face many difficulties because of his large army.


When starting to play Metal Slug Advance, players will have to choose to play at least one of the two Walter Ryan or Tyra Elson. The game is a simple action game that doesn’t require many complex skills. You simply help the character defeat all of his enemies everywhere. The game’s basic operations include running, jumping, and shooting. You will be provided with a shotgun with ammo when starting. However, to kill more advanced enemies, you must collect weapons with greater power. Morden also locked a lot of prisoners in their lair. If you do meet these prisoners, free them. Each successful release will give you better weapons. The deeper the level, the bigger the challenge and requires you to have more skills and experience.

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