[Gameboy Advance] Midnight Club Street Racing

Midnight Club Street Racing
Full nameMidnight Club Street Racing
File size1.0MB
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Midnight Club: Street Racing is one of the famous racing games researched and developed by Angel and published by Rockstar Games at the Game Body Advance platform in the years 2001-2002. The game focuses on racing on the streets and ports, which are quite familiar when watching classic movies like Fast and Furious.


Apparently, the game’s story has been partially influenced by the popular game series GTA. You will play the role of a driver who owns a racing car and use it to accomplish the game’s goals, which is quite simple and familiar to many gamers. A rather confusing point in the story of the game is a taxi driver who has a significant incident in his life when he accidentally becomes a Hookmen when he meets a racing club. And since then, about the turning point in the life of a taxi driver. While trying to make a living at night, you meet a racing club and accidentally become a Hookmen. From there, you will control the main character participating in racing on the roads of the most magnificent cities in the world. But those vivid and light-filled scenes from New York to London are things that can be detrimental to your mission, whether you dare to overcome.


The player will often have to start the game with a rather old and slow taxi. You will have to join the races and beat your opponents, which will win newer and more expensive cars.

The first opponent you will face will be Emilio Sanchez. This race will extend from the World Trade Center to a park on the outskirts of the city. If you win the race, you will be asked to run again. If you continue to win, you will unlock the Crusero Bueno. You will change to a new vehicle for better racing speed. Once selected, you will be challenged with 1 of 3 better racers and get better cars.

If, in the end, the player defeats all the strongest racers like Kareem Windross, the player will go to London to face four other strong racers. On a side note, when playing in the rain, it is always tricky for racers to handle, especially cornering phases.

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