[Gameboy Advance] Monster Rancher Advanced

Monster Rancher Advanced
Full nameMonster Rancher Advanced
File size4.5MB
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

The Monster Rancher series was first adapted into a game and was released in 2001 and a year before a wave of pokemon emerged in the US. The game is published on the Sony PlayStation platform. The game itself includes exciting challenges, including hunting and finding relatively different objects unlocked for monsters. Then get to know and make friends with new online teammates.


Round this game, you will play as a rancher with many years of experience in the Isle of Age, a land that is said to be the main character’s home in the movie’s original novel. You have to revive your ruined farm because your two assistants, Zest and Aroma, ruined everything overnight. To restore the fertile farm to its old state, you need a monster powerful enough to compete and fight in all competitions. From there, you will have a lot of money to build your farm. The most prestigious tournaments are the AGIMA system that allows you to win prizes in vast numbers.


Although the storyline is the entertainment factor for the game, you should note that your main task is to train monsters and fight other formidable opponents. If the other games in the series use CDs to unlock monsters, you can get its biological information from fragments of letters and numbers in this game. Alphabetical is usually simple and easy to remember, like “Guns,” “thugs,” and so on. But as you get better and stronger than you initially played, combos get more complicated depending on the situation. the most powerful monsters will be unlocked with locks with the most complex and unpredictable word combinations. The better you are at mocking keywords, the more monsters you own are raised. This monster category gives players access to large multimedia sets to fight in the biggest tournaments and earn the most money. Besides, there are hidden treasures that your warrior must have enough power to open it.

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