[Gameboy Advance] Monsters Inc.

Monsters Inc.
Full nameMonsters Inc.
File size1.8MB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Monsters, Inc. is a platform game adapted from the computer-animated film of the same name and developed in 2001. THQ released the game in 2005, comes with a Twin pack cartridge for Many different platforms, including GBA and became quite popular in the North American market with quite interesting storylines and gameplay.


This game has a simple story. Its story revolves around two monsters trying to bring people back to the world because they feel lonely on their planet. According to what is described in the game, you will have to embark on a complicated puzzle journey to find the path to human civilization. They will have to conquer many challenges of finding shell fragments scattered somewhere in their surroundings in each of these levels. How does this journey work? What difficulties await you?


M,monsters, Inc. is a 3D platform. The player is tasked with controlling James P. “Sulley” through 8 difficulty levels depicted in the same film, including the scream factory, streets, and the Sulley apartments, Himalayas. In these levels, you need to move to the main objective of collecting and collecting different types of items to find a way out. Sulley darted past steps and ice fence, climbed, and flipped the electric switch. You can use your character’s chase to attack enemies. The game does not have many lives, so you only have the opportunity to try the second time for each game screen.

Each level also includes only a handful of missions and special collectible items. There are about 100 assorted items to pick up and. If you find a certain percentage of them, you will be rewarded with some mini-games. Five screaming boxes can help you find and perform five different mouse scare challenges. If completed, the next story clips will be unlocked.

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