[Gameboy Advance] Naruto – Ninja Council 2

Naruto – Ninja Council 2
Full nameNaruto - Ninja Council 2
File size3.4MB
Genre Fighting
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

The animated series Naruto has been adapted into a game available on the Nintendo Game Boy Advance called Naruto: Ninja Council 2. The game is developed by Aspect Tommy and officially released in April 2004. It can be said that this game is designed to stand out with multi-dimensional action. The game can allow a person up to 4 players at the same time. Along with the interesting gameplay and compelling storyline, this is definitely an experience game for those who do not know about it.


Kakashi Sensei organizes challenges for his class to find the best ninja. Big Naru and his classmates Sasuke and Sakura are both excellent students, and they are determined to get the highest position. Be challenged to become the greatest ninja in the village. Naruto and his teammates were determined. This is also the trio of main characters in the game with different characteristics.


Naruto has the greatest courage and strength, but spontaneously, Sasuke has consistent skills, and Sakura has intelligent mobility skills. Players will have to play the role of one of the three characters in order to start passing the levels. Naruto: Ninja Council 2 has different levels, from easy to challenging and special levels. Players need to combine rhythmically between multidimensional buttons with continuous attack buttons to fight. In addition, you can also switch between characters to fight if needed. Due to the promotion of teamwork and solidarity, When one person picks up the healing bags, the whole group gets the same benefit, even though the characters do not share the energy index column. Of course, when it comes to higher levels, you won’t be able to switch controls between characters and recover longer after each battle. Ninja weapons can be purchased and used in combat with the attack button.

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