[Gameboy Advance] Naruto – Ninja Council

Naruto – Ninja Council
Full nameNaruto - Ninja Council
File size2.1MB
Genre Fighting
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

The Naruto: Ninja Council series is a series of action games based on the manga and anime series Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto.


Naruto is a story about young ninjas in training. The game does not have an English version yet, but it is not difficult to understand since it is an action game. At the start, you can choose from Naruto or Sasuke, and proceed through several levels of side-scrolling action, facing ninjas and wild creatures as you pass obstacles on your way to the goal. At the end of each class, you face a boss who is one of the other characters from the anime.


The gameplay of Naruto is relatively simple but is more profound than some games of its type. Besides the standard jumping and attacking, you can use several projectile weapons that you will find throughout the levels. Naruto and Sasuke each have their ninja techniques to activate and learn new ones as they progress. There are also level-specific techniques that must be employed to pass obstacles. There are different strategies to beat each boss, rather than simple ”pummel it until it stops moving” game mechanics.

The faithfulness of the anime is probably the most appealing part of Naruto. All of the characters have their unique techniques taken straight from the anime. There are also many character illustrations during dialogue scenes and voice samples that perfectly match the anime voices. Naruto fans will appreciate being able to execute signature moves and facing off against adversaries from the show. Unfortunately, none of the original music from the anime made it into the game. That would have made it even better, but the music in the game is not bad. It isn’t memorable, but it is bouncy and gets you going through the levels.

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