[Gameboy Advance] Pokemon – Emerald Version

Pokemon – Emerald Version
Full namePokemon - Emerald Version
File size6.4MB
Genre Role Playing
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Pokémon – Emerald Version is the 4th version of the Pokemon game series. It was released after Pocket Monsters Blue, Pokémon Yellow, and Pokémon Crystal. The game was developed by Freak and was released by Nintendo exclusively for Game Boy Advance in April 2004. Although released a long time ago, Pokémon – Emerald is still one of the most successful games of the series. The developer has brought a lot of improvements in both gameplay and graphics to give you great game experience. Now, you can download Pokemon Emerald ROM for free and play them on GBA emulators for PC or Smartphone.


The game’s background took place in a continent located on the Sinnoh side called Hoenn. This is a peaceful residence of Pokemon and it is also a favorite place for many Pokemon Trainers. If you’ve ever played Pokémon Ruby or Pokemon Omega, you’ll have noticed Hoenn as a familiar area. It is also the background for previous titles in this series. One day, Hoenn appeared incessant showers. The cause is confirmed to be due to the eruption of a volcano in the north.

However, the origin of this calamity comes from a great conspiracy by Team Aqua and Team Magma, 2 dangerous criminal organizations. Initially, they manipulated and controlled two legendary Pokemon, Groudon and Kyogr, with a plot to attack to dominate the Hoenn continent. Unfortunately, an unexpected incident happened when two pokemon woke up, they attacked each other. The battle of the two legendary Pokemon is of course not trivial. It threatens to submerge Hoenn in rainwater and natural disasters. In Pokemon Emerald, you will follow the main character, who is a Pokemon trainer on a journey to rescue Pokemon species on the island.


The gameplay mechanics of Pokemon – Emerald Version is a perfect combination between the two previous versions, Pokemon Ruby and Saphire. In fact, this is an upgrade as there are new improvements to the in-game features. In the game, you are a Pokemon Trainer, who captures and tame wild Pokemon. You start your journey in Littleroot, the small town you just moved to. After a few troubles, you get a new Pokemon as the original companion. At this point, you will learn how to be the best Pokemon Trainer.

The adventure begins by moving through different locations to solve quests. On the journey, you will encounter wild Pokemon. By fighting and winning against them, you will add new Pokemon to your collection.

Explore locations

Pokemon – Emerald Version takes place on the Hoenn continent. This is a large area with many types of terrain such as plains, forests, caves, and some hidden locations … There are 8 different areas available in the game. These are Route 118, the fossil grounds, Battle Tents, Desert Underpass, caves (Terra and Marine), Faraway Island, and the cave complex (Jagged Pass). Each area will have the appearance of specific Pokemon that you will have the opportunity to encounter and tame them.

The Battle Frontier is a place that definitely receives the special attention of Trainers. This is where competitions take place among pokemon trainers from around the world. You will have to fight in 7 environments to confront 7 different trainers. You will conquer all medals by winning all matches.

Control mechanism

Pokemon – Emerald Version still uses the simple control mechanism completely similar to Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. You just need to use the left-hand navigation key to move the character in 4 directions. As you travel through the lands, you will sometimes encounter wild Pokemon. At this point, you will need other keys on the gamepad. Use them to perform actions like opening a Pokedex, issuing an attack command, selecting a strike, etc. In general, you will easily get used to the control mechanism in the game after just a few minutes with it.

Play Pokemon – Emerald Version on PC and Mobile

Pokemon – Emerald Version has sold over 7 million copies after release. It is one of the best selling games in Pokemon Series. If you are a fan of Pokemon game, you definitely cannot ignore it. The game is now easily playable on GBA emulators for PC and mobile. So just download the ROM file we have provided, run it on a suitable GBA emulator then enjoy.

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