[Gameboy Advance] Pokemon – Fire Red Version (V1.1)

Pokemon – Fire Red Version (V1.1)
Full namePokemon - Fire Red Version (V1.1)
File size4.9MB
Genre Role Playing
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)


FireRed and LeafGreen is a game of the Pokemon genre for handheld and offline. The viewing angle selected in the game is the 3rd angle, similar to most other game pokemon versions.

The center of the story is an underworld, and the player holds the main character. Here players will design and build their own pokemon chi and shape their own gameplay and accessories.

When the player meets another pokemon or is challenged by another player’s pokemon, they can switch to battle mode and let two pokemon fight each other.

During the match, the coach can control his pokemon using moves and accessories to fight opponents.

Every pokemon has stats, but the most critical parameter is the fitness score. Once this point is 0, you will officially lose. It will fall, and you can do nothing but wait to recover 100% of its stamina.

The more matches played, the faster you level up. This is because your pokemon will accumulate a lot of combat experience and experience points, thus increasing. Every increase to a certain threshold, you will be promoted.

In addition, there is another interesting point in the game. You can catch pokemon that does not belong to anyone, i.e., wild pokemon. You can use the pokemon ball to catch it. If it succeeds, it’s yours.

The stronger your poke ball or, the weaker the strength of the pokemon you want to catch, the higher the catch success rate will be


You will control a poor kid living in the town of Pallet Town, a small and poor village in the game FireRed and LeafGreen. When the player presses the start button, there is also a voice of a research professor warning that: The strongest pokemon often take the tall grass where they are standing as shelter, and if they are encountered, You will be in danger at any moment.

 The professor will take you to his lab to meet an ambitious and mainstream pokemon coach.

All your opponents, along with you, are given the rules and instructed to hunt for their own pokemon. Then teach you how to fight and tips to defeat your opponent fastest.

You will accept your opponent’s challenge or vice versa / your case is to win until the end of the game.

When visiting regional cities, you will be trained by pokemon studios. Specifically, you will be held competition by the owners of the practice room; you must spend at least one win to get the honor badge.

Also, throughout the game, the player must fight against the underworld force, Team Rocket, an organization that intends to commit crimes and steel pokemon.

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