[Gameboy Advance] Pokemon Fire Red

Pokemon Fire Red
Full namePokemon Fire Red
File size4.8MB
Genre Role Playing
Region Japan Japan
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Pokémon Fire Red is an upgraded version of Pokémon Red and Blue (1996) for Game Boy. The game was developed by Game Freak and released by Nintendo in January 2004. Version for North America and Australia market appeared 8 months later. With the release of Pokémon Fire Red and LeafGreen, you’ll head back to the familiar continent of Kento on an adventure through various lands and capture hundreds of first-generation Pokemon.


Unlike the Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire versions, the story in Pokémon Fire Red takes place in Kanto. This is an ancient land that is home to many strange creatures known as first-generation Pokemon. Kanto is a large area with a variety of topography. It includes cities, forests, mountains, caves, and paths. The game starts after you (the main character of the game) have arrived at Pallet Town after receiving an invitation from Professor Oak. He takes you to his lab to choose a companion. It is one of three Pokemon available in the lab: Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle. After choosing a companion, you begin your adventure to become the best Pokemon Trainer. To do that, you need to face and win 8 Gym Leaders to receive medals and ribbons. You can then meet your ultimate target, the legendary Elite Four. They are the 4 best Pokemon Trainers in history.

Your journey is of course not easy when you are always faced with Team Rocket, an evil organization. Its leader is known as Giovanni, who always abuses Pokemon for bad purposes.


Pokemon Fire Red retains the gameplay mechanics of a traditional Pokemon game alongside some minor improvements. The player controls the main character to move through different lands to explore stories and complete quests. The main activities in the game are still finding new Pokemon, catching and training them.

There are 2 types of battles that you will come across in Pokemon Fire Red: fighting a wild Pokemon or fighting another Pokemon Trainer. Specifically, when you encounter wild Pokemon, you can call up a Pokemon from your collection to battle them out. If you win, you can use Pokeball to catch them. The combat not only helps you catch new Pokemon but also improves the stats of existing Pokemon. When fighting, the Pokemon gain experience points and level up. They can evolve into a new Pokemon with superior stats.

New features

As we mentioned, although Pokemon Fire Red retains traditional gameplay elements, it still adds new features to improve the game. We will talk about them now. First, the game adds the “Help” feature. It allows you to access at any time to keep track of events and everything going on in the game. Therefore, you can easily see your playing progress. Another unique feature is VS. Seeker is also available. This feature allows you to search for quick matches taking place around the area you use. Note that VS. Seeker is not available when you are in gyms or caves.

Finally, Pokemon Fire Red has added a new location to the game, it is the Sevii Islands. Here, you’ll find lots of new Pokemon as well as take part in tons of new events and missions. Note that this location is not available at the start of the game. So, you need to complete specific missions to unlock it.


Pokemon Fire Red uses 8bit graphics similar to that on Pokemon Ruby. Overall, everything in the game is quite pleasant to observe. The areas in the game are also well-designed. The developer has also accurately simulated the shape and characteristics of more than 300 different Pokemon appearing in the game.

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