[Gameboy Advance] Pokemon – Leaf Green Version (V1.1)

Pokemon – Leaf Green Version (V1.1)
Full namePokemon - Leaf Green Version (V1.1)
File size4.9MB
Genre Adventure , Role Playing
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)


Leaf green is a Pokemon game that is really popular globally with handheld and offline game discs in 2004. The game is designed from a first-person perspective, similar to most of the pokemon versions in another game. The whole story is an underground and virtual pokemon monster world, not real. Their players build and assemble themselves a perfect pokemon, and of course, that pokemon player will be the main character in his story. They learn and shape their fighting style.

When the player meets wild pokemon species or is challenged by a couple on the way, they can switch to fighting mode to determine victory or defeat. The coaches can take advantage of their pokemon’s typical moves to gain an advantage in battles. A critical parameter of a pokemon that you need to pay attention to is the fitness parameters. If you get too much damage in the fight, this will drop to zero; you will lose. The sale will be out and wait for your pokemon to recover all its new functions.

The more you play, the more wins, the more experience you will accumulate and level up quickly. The parameters also follow that increase with the level, namely parameters related to stamina, attack power, and ability to defend against enemies. You can use the poke ball to catch wild pokemon species. The stronger your Poke Ball or, the weaker the strength of the pokemon you want to catch, the higher the catch success rate


You will control a little girl from a small and poor village. When you start playing, a Pokemon professor will show you the way and show you how to play. He will warn you of impending dangers that you may encounter. Pokemon have great power, and they often choose tall grasslands where you are standing to hide and wait for prey. So now prepare to train your pokemon.

He will take you to the lab to meet your pokemon trainer and be taught how to approach and catch all kinds of pokemon from easiest to hardest. In addition, you can also participate in training classes in pokemon combat training rooms to hone and accumulate experience.

Here you have to go through brutal battles, and at least you have to control your pokemon to win a match or more to be able to graduate and win badges. Please note that all of your opponents are well trained and are taught fighting tips to help you win. In particular, the practice rooms are also regularly held to compete with each other to increase friction. You can also sign up for competitions like these in order to improve your level as quickly as possible.

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