[Gameboy Advance] Pokemon Rubi (S)

Pokemon Rubi (S)
Full namePokemon Rubi (S)
File size4.5MB
Genre Role Playing
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Pokémon Ruby is one of the role-playing game versions adapted from the world-famous Pokemon animated series, developed by Game Freak and first published in 2002 on the platform Game Boy. Advance by The Pokémon Company.


The story in the game begins with Hoenn, a large continent, the first appearance of the Pokemon species’ ancestors in the world. However, after thousands of years, the new Pokemon evolved and propagated into a large herd-like today. At that time, the people of Pokemon were noticed and watched by humans. Humans’ nature likes to conquer. It’s entirely predictable when they want to take pokemon as their own. A young boy named Jin has his dreams and aspirations to become the best pokemon trainer. With the help of Professor Oak, he began training the first pokemon.


The story above is also how you role-play in the game. The game will start on a high meadow. You will need to complete several quests and catch pokemon with Pokeball. After practicing all the skill sets, you can start traveling to different cities. There, you need to defeat all your opponents in the pokemon gym to be able to receive trophies and lead you to higher level-ups. Here you need to fight the bosses that possess powerful Pokemon. The original storyline missions are usually not too difficult to overcome, but the higher the levels go, the more challenging the challenge becomes. When you first start playing, your pokemon master set will definitely not have many choices. You can gradually recruit pokemon species in many forms. Most players choose to steal an opponent’s pokemon or exchange controls.

This game is quite tactical when playing. Most pokemon aren’t really comprehensive. There will always be other pokemon that can counter your pokemon with different skill sets.

When you win, you will get accumulated points, and your warriors will be upgraded. Pokemon will also be weakened and weakened by too much combat.

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