[Gameboy Advance] Pokemon Ruby Version

Pokemon Ruby Version
Full namePokemon Ruby
File size4.5MB
Genre Role Playing
Region Europe Europe
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Pokemon Ruby is one of the first versions in Pokemon’s 3rd generation of this series. It brings a lot of big changes in gameplay mechanics and graphics. There are also over 100 new Pokemon that have been added to the collection as well. The game was released in Japan in November 2002. The European, American, and Australian store version was released about 6 months later.

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire with Pokémon Emerald become the three GBA best-selling game of all time with over 20 million copies worldwide. It is not wrong to say that these 3 versions are a milestone marking the strong development of the future Pokemon series with many other successful versions.


The stories in the Pokemon Ruby version revolve around the land called Hoenn, inhabited by all Pokemon. Here comes the appearance of two evil organizations, Team Magma (Ruby) and Team Aqua. These bad guys have somehow awakened two legendary pokemon, Groudon and Kyogre. They change the entire climate of the land and bring about many natural disasters. At all costs, you have to stop the conspiracy of these bad guys and free the legendary Pokemon. However, the job is not easy when there are countless difficulties waiting ahead.

You will begin your journey in the town of Littleroot. Your family has just moved because your dad became the leader of the Gym in this town. After some little trouble, you met and rescued Professor Birch. He allows you to choose one of your starting Pokemon from among three available: Treecko, Torchic or Mudkip. After choosing a companion to get started, you become a true Pokemon Trainer. It’s time to start an adventure through many new lands to catch and train wild Pokemon.

Gameplay with many new mechanics

Pokemon Ruby Version marks an outstanding upgrade of this entire series when it comes to many changes in gameplay mechanics. A lot of new features from this release have become standard on later Pokemon games. The first is the emergence of the new elements, Abilities and Natures. They change the way Pokemon fight and evolve. In particular, Abilities create a Pokemon’s immunity to the attack of another. For example, Flying-type Pokemon are completely immune to the attacks of terrestrial Pokemon. This makes the fighting mechanism in the game more diverse and deeper. Next is Natures, which is the mechanism that affects the growth of Pokemon’s stats. The Natures of a Pokemon can either increase or decrease their ingredient stats. It is also the basis for determining favorite (or dislike) flavors of Pokemon.

Besides, we have more changes to the gameplay mechanics with the addition of Double Battles, the first time in the Pokemon Game. Instead of a 1vs1 confrontation, you will have to control 2 pokemon at the same time in the match. This makes the matches more interesting and difficult when you have to control 2 Pokemon at the same time and coordinate them effectively to win.

The weather factor has also had a big change in Pokemon Ruby Version when you can see rain, hail or sandstorm in some locations. Weather conditions also affect the fighting of Pokemon.

Lots of interesting activities

Besides the main storyline with the mission system that you need to complete, there are a lot of interesting activities that you can participate in. They are fishing, cycling, virtual pets, collecting hidden items, and so on. In particular, the game adds more than 150 new Pokemon for players to capture and fill Pokedex.

Pokemon Ruby Version also added a new feature called Ribbons. This can be seen as a medal for victory. The ribbons appear when you achieve different goals such as winning competitions, beating champions.


Pokemon Ruby Version brings an improvement in graphics compared to previous versions. Hoenn land in the game is built in detail with many different types of terrain. You will also be impressed with the changes in the weather when it comes to rain or sandstorms. In general, the graphics of the Pokemon Ruby Version have really been upgraded strongly to bring the great gaming experience to players.


If there is a vote for the best Pokemon game of the entire series, Pokemon Ruby Version is definitely the name we want to pick. This version marks a complete change in gameplay and adds lots of new mechanics that make the adventures in the game really great. Although it was released a long time ago however you can still enjoy this game easily right now by downloading the ROM we provide. Don’t forget to run it on a good GBA emulator for the perfect game experience.

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