[Gameboy Advance] Pokemon – Sapphire Version (V1.1)

Pokemon – Sapphire Version (V1.1)
Full namePokemon - Sapphire Version (V1.1)
File size0.0
Genre Role Playing
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)


Sapphire game playing principle is close, but nothing has changed compared to their predecessors. Most of the game’s interface will look like other versions with a traditional 3rd perspective and are projected from above.

Besides, the number of maps is also relatively basic. These are map types such as field maps, in which the player can freely control his main character, a battle screen, and the main character’s costume menu, in which the player rules. Re-strategize and dress and play the game you desire. Players will start up with a given Pokémon and begin fighting to gain experience points, and once experienced, will be able to catch more Pokémon with Pokeball and train them.

Any other opponent will challenge you during the game. You can, of course, refuse to play if you are not confident enough. However, it’s best to play as much as possible to gain experience and level up faster. Then your screen will switch to competition and navigation mode. Players will have to use the provided accessories and the loot you collect along the way. You can choose your own moves like flying, running, jumping, and the typical pokemon activities. However, you can be defeated when the energy column reaches the zero line. Then you can ultimately choose to run away to preserve your life. If you knock out your opponent’s Pokemon, you will gain experience points. Otherwise, you will have to revive your pokemon. When you earn enough experience points, pokemon will evolve to become stronger.


Pokémon Sapphire was built and developed by famous game-making company Freak and Nintendo, under the direction of talented game developer Junichi Masuda. As well as its predecessors, Ken Sugimori is the director of the visuals and graphics, has been responsible for most of the publisher’s versions of pokemon, and this game is no exception.

When asked about the source of his inspiration from his design team, he said his impoverished countryside inspired most of the team’s blueprints for this version and what he did childhood play. Especially the wild animals where he lives in his hometown have helped him a lot in designing for live pokemon. The basic design will be to extract from the animal’s original image. Then the team will design more costumes and other accessories to create a perfect graphic for each pokemon.

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