[Gameboy Advance] Power Rangers Dino Thunder (RisingCaravan)

Power Rangers Dino Thunder (RisingCaravan)
Full namePower Rangers Dino Thunder (RisingCaravan)
File size3.1MB
Genre Action , Adventure
Region Europe Europe
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Power Rangers Dino Thunder is an action-adventure game adapted from the same name’s popular American TV series. The game was first published in 2004 for diverse platforms GBA, GC, and PlayStation.


Tommy Oliver is a scientist. Once he was faced with a massive explosion in his laboratory and accidentally discovered a dinosaur creature named Mesogog. He panics and tries to run away from the danger of this creature. From there, he began to spend all of his time studying dinosaurs with his teammate, Dr. Anton Mercer. After tireless efforts, he and his partner finally created five power stones. The students of Oliver then accidentally discovered these stones during the teacher’s punishment in the laboratory. He had to explain to his students all the facts, and what happened after that was the game’s story. There are quite a few fascinating stories along with the plot, but more prominent is the war against the Mesogog dinosaurs who are plotting to take over the world. Other organizations are also rioting to steal these power stones, and this will not be over if the final boss cannot die.


You will have the opportunity to play as five superheroes possessing each power of 5 diamond stones. The main characters will be fully equipped with accessories and a variety of weapons to be able to fight against the enemy. However, being able to be the final winner or not depends on your skills and playing experience rather than these weapons equipped. Specifically, how are these characters?

Red Tyranno possesses destructive Tyranno. Blue Tricera has a Tricera Shield item, which can be useful for your defense against all kinds of damage. The Yellow Ptera has the most potent offensive weapons in the game and has a superset of skills to move.

Black Brachio also has a respectable combat speed, and a white zord harmonizes everything from attack to defense.

The main characters’ powers are not really great at first, but over time, you will be provided with items when you win rounds, which can significantly increase the next rounds’ capacity. The mission fish are generally not too complicated. In particular, the tempo of the game is considered slow when compared to other fighting games.

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