[Gameboy Advance] Rhythm Tengoku

Rhythm Tengoku
Full nameRhythm Tengoku
File size7.2MB
Genre Action
Region Japan Japan
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Most of us love rhythm games. How sweet would they be if they fell in love? This is a product. This is a bizarre puzzle game, but it will be interesting if players find similarities with it.


From the beginning when you enter the game, you will be taking a test to see how your rhythm is like; for different English or Japanese versions, there will be some relatively different instructions. This is a prelude to how accurate the game is when you play the game.

To begin with, but each game requires a fair amount of effort to be completed. You start at level 1 as small and with the most accessible play. If you want to overcome it, your goal is to create at least an “ok” pass. If this is not possible, You will get the bad scores and not move on to the next level. Doing this perfectly will help you accumulate points and receive the best medals.

Lowercase games will not follow any rhythm. For example, lowercase letters are not rhythm-based and can range from punching objects with the beat of a song to movements like clapping hands to match its beat. The full range of games presented may make you forget that its gameplay is not that complicated. If you are struggling during a more stringent period, the guide at the top may help. At the end of the levels, you can combine movements to play a complete mix. Some songs have lyrics, which make it fun and fabulous.

The most interesting games

I encourage you to try the drum game. In the drumming minigame that you unlock, you get a little guy playing the drum set in a specific loop. You can move freely or dance to a particular rhythm. Your task is to repeat his loop 5 times in a row without missing a beat or getting confused. You will feel like learning how to play the drums as you have to hold the rhythm with different fingers. This, for many drum enthusiasts, is something quite interesting.

In addition to the drum game, Wario warez is also an exciting game when the music’s quality in this game is beautiful. You will probably still remember the sound of it in it. But if you are not good at keeping the beat, you are most likely not suitable for playing this game.

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