[Gameboy Advance] Shrek SuperSlam

Shrek SuperSlam
Full nameShrek SuperSlam
File size6.1MB
Genre Action , Fighting
Region Europe Europe
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Shrek SuperSlam is one of the most engaging 3D melee games adapted from DreamWorks movie Shrek. The game brings together most of the characters in the movie that are incredibly famous. In addition, it also borrows the format from many other games similar to Super Smash Brothers and Power Stone. The target audience is the young customer file, so its gameplay is relatively simple and straightforward.


In terms of details, play game’s gameplay revolves around short-term battles that last for 2 minutes only, and only up to 4 people can participate in the same match. The game’s ultimate to defeat the opponent you face as many times as possible. Your score will be filled in the slam bar on the right side of the screen every time you beat your opponent once. You can perform special moves to get your opponent to fall off the ring, but playing like that seems pretty dull. There are about 20 characters in all to choose from, and each character has their special attacks. Shrek has the ability to fart, Puss can seduce his enemies with his cuteness, Donkey can head head-on runners, and so on. Every time you defeat an opponent, points from the opponent will be transferred to you. The person with the highest score is ultimately the winner of the game. The attacks of each character are relatively diverse. In addition to powerful and continuous attacks, you can also use lighter and more sleek blows to save energy. In particular, some attacks can be performed in a series of combos together, creating super powerful attacks that the opponent can not support. You can also pick up weapons along the way to make backup weapons and drink many different types of power to quickly create powerful attacks instantly.

Game mode

Regarding the game modes, you can have more than one option in story mode and game mode. All matches are relatively simple but can change the tempo at any time if you choose challenge mode. This mode has more missions for you when you have to participate in a series of more difficult and complicated tournaments than the normal game mode. For a challenge, your job is to try to run around the track and find a way to overcome your opponents or have to throw six gingerbread people in the oven. The tournament spaces are similar, but they are much more difficult. Sometimes you will encounter specific rules in tournaments; for example, you can only hit one hit per turn. At the same time, that number is not limited to the opponent.

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