[Gameboy Advance] Super Army War

Super Army War
Full nameSuper Army War
File size0.0
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Super Army Wars is a 2D strategy game that is quite famous and known to many young people. The game was researched and developed by one of the famous French game makers, Neko Entertainment, and was first released in 2005 for the Gam Boy Advance platform.


The story revolves around the war between the United States and the terrorist rebels, who want to capture the economy and control purchases. And the military war has erupted, but you have to direct it in a positive direction. There are about 16 missions that are appropriately designed for the context. You will have to play the role of the American army leader to devise tactics to repel the enemy.


It is indeed quite a pity that this game only has a single-player mode in terms of gameplay. 2D graphics are also relatively limited in terms of character movements as well as saving passwords is quite tricky, making the game experience not as satisfactory. Outside of these issues, however, this is a decent addition to the GBA platform.

Your ultimate goal is to try to take over your opponent’s islands and territories. You will be equipped with helicopters, airplanes, and other motor vehicles to destroy these armies’ bases. Almost the strength of the army groups is so much that in order to win, you have to pay attention to tactics and weapons skills.

You will encounter many types of allied fortresses along the way and can take advantage of them to get money and buy more weapons. When you shoot down the planes, they will most likely fall and blow up your army. This makes you have to really think to be able to handle it more wisely.

Infantry plays an essential role in protecting the territory and occupying and expanding new lands. Therefore, you need to have large tanks to protect this army from aerial attacks.

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