[Gameboy Advance] Super Mario Advance 4 – Super Mario Bros 3

Super Mario Advance 4 – Super Mario Bros 3
Full nameSuper Mario Advance 4 - Super Mario Bros 3
File size2.5MB
Genre Action , Platform
Region Europe Europe
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Super Mario Advance 4 is a remake of Super Mario Bros. 3 on SNES. It was released by Nintendo in 2003 for the Game Boy Advance. This is the fourth and final version of the Super Mario Advance game series on the GBA. The game keeps the same storyline and gameplay from the SNES version. It does the graphical upgrade and adds some new features such as e-card support, adding voice to Mario and Luigi, multiplayer mode. … The game has sold about 3 million copies worldwide and received many positive reviews from players. This article brings you the ROM’s file of this game. But first, let us explore the outstanding features of this game.


The story in Super Mario Advance 4 takes place in the Mushroom Kingdom, a peaceful place under the protection of Mario and Luigi. One day, in the Mushroom Kingdom, appeared strange gateways connecting to Mushroom World, where all things are not good. This has created opportunities for the bad guys to act. We are talking about Bowser. He sent his seven kids through these gateways. They appear in the castle and destroy everything. One of the seven children, Kooopalings, who stole magic wands from the royal palace. Then he uses these wands to turn the king of the Mushroom Kingdom into a snake. After the act, Bowser’s children flee in a flying boat and hide in 7 different locations. Mario and Luigi accept the mission of Peach Princess, by all means, to get back the magic wands to turn the king back form. Their adventure has officially begun.


Super Mario Advance 4 retains the gameplay of the original game on SNES. The player who controls the main character is Mario or Luigi. They move on to a 2D horizontal scroll platform with lots of obstacles. The player’s task is to guide the characters to move around to avoid these obstacles and complete the stages. The game has 8 worlds with more than 40 stages for players to conquer. In the final stage of each world, the player is faced with a Koopalings of Bowser. The game is considered complete when Mario travels to the final world and wins over Bowser. At this point, he will regain his wand and return to the kingdom.

Super Mario Advance 4 adds a new game mode that allows up to 4 players to join.

Power Up

The support items are indispensable in any Mario game. In Super Mario Advance 4, players can activate their character’s powers by picking up items they find on the way. There are many different types of powers that the player can equip their character. Here is a list of the available powers in the game:

  • Mushroom: Allows to increase Mario size
  • Fire Flower: allows the character to shoot fireballs to destroy enemies
  • Starman: allows the character to be invulnerable for a short period of time
  • Super Left: Gives Mario the ability to fly in the air.
  • Frog Suit: A special frog suit that increases Mario’s swimming speed by several times while underwater.
  • Hammer Suit: Allows Mario to throw hammers at the opponent
  • Kuribo’s Shoe: A large shoe appears protecting the Mario from attacking and destroying everything around.

These powers are lost when Mario is hit or touched by the trap.

Graphics and sound

Super Mario Advance 4 brings the huge upgrade in graphics and sound over the previous SNES version. You will see a much better picture quality in the game. The sound in the game has also undergone a major change when characters are voiced. Character actions have also been added new sound effects. The game also has a number of songs available to play when the player completes the stages or defeats Bowser.

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