[Gameboy Advance] Super Mario Ball (TRSI)

Super Mario Ball (TRSI)
Full nameSuper Mario Ball (TRSI)
File size4.7MB
Genre Action , Pinball
Region Europe Europe
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Mario has been involved in almost all genres of games, from painter to racing athlete, restaurant owner, and many other game genres. This time it was no surprise when he transformed into a weird thing he had never seen before, it was the pinball image. The game was developed by Fuse game and published by the Nintendo publisher for the Game Boy Advance platform for the first time in 2004.


The game’s plot takes place in Peach being kidnapped by the evil forces of Bowser. This demon has long intended to annex the mushroom kingdom to deal with customers in the universe. Residents of the mushroom kingdom have devised a new weapon, the Mario Ball. You can use it so that you can destroy the enemy’s base to rescue your friend Peach from the cave.


Throughout the game, your ultimate goal is to collect the stars scattered along the way in the Mushroom Kingdom so that you can open the doors to the Bowser castles to perform the task of saving the princess. Power stars are indispensable, which can be obtained from completing side games. The game aims to collect the Star Key from different areas of the Mushroom Kingdom to enter Bowser’s castle. And save the Princess; To do this, you have Goals that you must complete to get Power Stars.

There are many different doors that you need to open. Although the navigation is well-designed, the game speed is so fast that you often miss many doors. You will have to practice enough to perfect this skill. If you are not playing a lot, you may be unfamiliar with the door matrix layout and miss the main doors very unfortunately.

Another difficulty that you may encounter while playing is that you can take a lot of time to control the erratic movements. In other words, it was difficult to see the stars. It was even more difficult to approach them and obtain them. Many players felt unable to calm down due to not reaching the stars next to them. However, this feature is the point that gives the game invisible attraction, making you unable to take your hands off the screen. The game’s principles are built on a philosophy that emphasizes determination and discipline rather than a momentary pleasure.

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