[Gameboy Advance] Super Mario World – Super Mario Advance 2 (Cezar)

Super Mario World – Super Mario Advance 2 (Cezar)
Full nameSuper Mario World - Super Mario Advance 2 (Cezar)
File size1.4MB
Genre Action , Platform
Region Europe Europe
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)


The playing principle of this version is actually quite similar to the original Mario-1 version. You will have to be the operator of a cartoon boy named Mario. You will lead him on an adventure to 9 different kingdoms of the mushroom world to defeat the dark forces that these kingdoms are suffering from. These guys have taken the nine magical swords of the kingdoms and turned them into inanimate objects. You can fully immerse yourself and use the basic techniques that Mario is equipped with such as running, jumping, swimming to overcome obstacles.

Your goal is to get rotating boxes containing mushrooms, flowers, or bright stars. After going through the basic levels, you can get up close and personal with more difficult levels. You will have some chances to continue playing if you die but not much. You will have to play according to the available diagram of the level in order to pass easily. In certain schemes, you run the risk of accidents such as bridges that may fall down at any time to interfere with you. Of course, in addition to the main game interface, you can also choose from the classic version of Super Mario. The game not only supports one but four players at the same time

There are a few Mario features that you need to look out for

  • Super mushroom: an unexpected increase in the size of the character
  • Fire flowers: a fireball attack
  • Tanooki suit: A super bullet shield created

And there are many other features that you need to practice and get used to a little to master

Development and release 

The Super Mario Advance 2 was first released in Europe in 2003 and the name Advance 2 came from here. The graphics of the game at that time were based largely on the old super Mario but also had many significant improvements and was very popular at that time. , father of the Mario series. An interesting point is that in this version there is a Mario voiceover by Charles Martinet and since then this voice has made Mario trademark.

The size of the game, as well as the moderate graphics, made it accessible to most electronic devices at that time, allowing players to get a full range of game experiences such as power-ups, upgrades, and gear boosts. Graphics are customized for devices with good graphics.

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