[Gameboy Advance] Super Monkey Ball Jr

Super Monkey Ball Jr
Full nameSuper Monkey Ball Jr
File size0.0
Genre Platform
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Super Monkey Ball Jr. is one of the early versions of the Super Monkey Ball series made on the Game Boy Advance platform. Responsible for production and development for this game is THQ Group incorporating new Realism. There is also mentoring and supervision by Am Entertainment Vision. THQ and Realism developed the game under the leadership of Am Entertainment Vision. Segna first published the game in April 2004.

Game mode

Main game

This game has the same gameplay as Super Monkey Ball but has fewer levels because of data bandwidth and the pet’s limitations. Only a few specific floors have a new guard gate design, and most of these 74 gates are from Super Monkey Ball. The levels are divided equally into four primary classes: elementary (10 floors), advanced (20 feet), and the most challenging floors are experts and masters. Each level is also divided into three sub-floors to increase the game’s difficulty and help players explore more stories. The game’s gameplay is almost identical to its console version with controls A and B to increase or decrease the respective screens’ tilt. An added point to Jr is precious but only applies to 2 players at the same time when the quest to collect bananas of a level is completed before the specified time.


The side games are also quite impressive. You will be awarded 2500 points after each match of mini-games except Monkey Duel. For Monkey golf, you almost have to hire a second course to play and get points. The minigame system included

Monkey Duel

Monkey Fight

Monkey Bowling

Monkey Golf

Both Monkey Duel and Monkey Fight require a large enough number of players, but with Monkey Bowling and Monkey Golf, you can start playing by yourself.

Side story

This game can be considered to have the most challenging gameplay of any game in the same series because you will not have Analog stick support.

When it boots up, the game screen does not show the title “Super Monkey Ball Jr.” but instead “Super Nice Try.”

Efficiently perform unlock with two keys, A and B.

Make the game have a better blocky interface by pressing the following buttons: Left, Left, Right, Right, Down, Down, A.

This is quite a unique effect. This effect persists until the game stops.

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