[Gameboy Advance] The Sims

The Sims
Full nameThe Sims
File size9.3MB
Genre Simulation
Region Japan Japan
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

The Sims is an attractive simulation game that was available by the company Maxis in 2000. After its launch, the game received positive reviews from critics and became one of the best-selling games.

With the simulation’s gameplay, players will manage an area and design it for themselves. They receive a home with many common household items such as televisions, refrigerators, furniture, and radios. Players arrange the equipment in the house through suggestions from family members. After they have arranged furniture and tools in the house, they will move out and interact with the people around them. Players grow their family with up to 8 members. Their appearance and outfit can be changed according to your preferences. Daily activities revolve around the character associated with human life such as eating, sleeping, cooking, and washing. If they are not taken regularly, their health index is reduced and leads to death.

Players will control the actions of the characters and ensure the stability in the house. Each has a different character or influence through family activities. Sometimes, characters will not listen to their controls and display emotions on the screen. When encountering situations, players have to review the character’s activities in the house and adjust appropriately by giving rules. Characters will be beaten if violating the rules and arbitrarily doing dangerous jobs. A difference is that children cannot grow into adults and adults do not get old. Children after birth will study at home instead of going to school. In their house, there are also dangers such as electric shock, starvation, drowning, or fire. Characters will reduce their stamina and may die when exposed to these dangerous objects repeatedly.

Players are engaged in the in-game activities through beautiful and familiar graphics. They can control everything in the house according to a set rule. The interaction between the player and the character is on a close relationship creating an interesting and entertaining experience. Success from the first version will attract players to explore the challenges in the next versions.

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