[Gameboy Advance] Top Gear Rally

Top Gear Rally
Full nameTop Gear Rally
File size0.0
Genre Racing , Simulation
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Racing games are almost no stranger to gamers on the GBA platform. There are too many off-road racing games released on this platform every year. However, to choose the highest quality game, it is possible to mention Top Gear Rally by Coco, which has created new vitality for this genre on GBA. The game is not for players who need a great experience and good graphics, but for customers looking for fun with various gameplay styles and surprises, this is precisely what they need.


Although TGR has several versions for different platforms, the GBA version does not have much in common compared to other platforms. This is a simple racing game where the player must find a way to pass all three laps of the race. They will get harder and harder as you go to the final levels. Each race has three different stages in different representations. Your task is to try to navigate so that the car goes to the right place. You will be able to face very bumpy races and lots of turning angles. One trick for you is to keep your maximum speed when changing directions and brake as little as possible. Touching roadside obstacles may cause your vehicle to come to an unfortunate stop. Players must also note cars that match the track and adjust the parameters to suit the racing conditions.


This game has a few notable features. First, the game offers you three different rounds. You can hardly apply the experience of one round to another. Diverse terrain requires players to have other handling skills. You can master game 1, but round 2 is not sure. Besides, there are 1o different locations scattered around the world to help you get bored when paying too much in tight areas. You can also join the world races if you win the primary stages of the game. The game also supports link cables for up to 2 players on the GBA platform, making it even more unique.

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