[Gameboy Advance] Ultimate Spider-Man

Ultimate Spider-Man
Full nameUltimate Spider-Man
File size0.0
Genre Action , Adventure
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Coming to Ultimate Spider-Man, players will participate in many different battles and use the Venom’s power (the villain version of Spider-man and get strong fighting ability) to fight the enemy. The fighting mission will take place in two famous areas of New York City, Manhattan, and Queens.

In combat, players will control Venom or Spider-man in some different stages. Besides, the two main characters also have their own combat skills system. In which, Spider-man has normal combat skills. He moves by tumbling in the air. Unlike the superhero, Venom has stronger fighting skills and uses the symbiote’s power to jump over many other areas. Next, he uses his claws to fight the enemies. Venom’s battle skills are also eviler. In particular, Venom has to eat enemies or civilians to recover health. Despite not taking damage from enemies, the vitality will automatically decrease over time. Therefore, controlling Venom will be more complicated than Spider-man. Note, Venom will not eat the bosses (because they can cause damage from inside).

The Ultimate Spider-Man’s challenge system will bring many battle stages. Each mission is in a different area. In addition, some will set special goals for players to complete. The basic goal is to defeat many enemies and avoid obstacles. In addition to killing enemies, you can also ignore these objects by jumping over them to quickly move to the end of the map and complete the challenge. With the combat and adventure elements, the character will have a vitality and life bar. When the vitality bar drops to zero, one life is removed. Using all the provided lives, the quest will be stopped, and the player has to play from the beginning. Restoring character health will base on support items (not applicable to Venom). To destroy a boss, players have to attack continuously until the boss’s vitality bar is removed from the screen (the boss’s vitality is displayed on the character’s life bar).

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