[Gameboy Advance] Wario Land 4

Wario Land 4
Full nameWario Land 4
File size0.0
Genre Platform
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Wario Land 4 is a 2001 platformer video game developed by Nintendo and released for the Game Boy Advance.


The story that you find here in Warioland 4 is something that is pretty much your basic adventure game with a myth of a Queen who is said to have untold riches. Now, Wario (who is a man of action) gets wind of this little adventure and decides that he will go off to find this tomb. The adventure begins when he finds himself in the middle of a rather large maze and his only goal is to solve the mystery of this rich Queen and maybe pocket some cash for himself in the process. With the addition of help from Mr. Game and Watch, you’ll be running, smashing, and morphing into a little bit of everything to end your quest!


Classic Wario style gameplay. It brings back elements of the first Wario game along with the more recent ones and the result is simply fantastic. You now have a life bar with eight hearts, so Wario’s no longer invincible like he was in 2 & 3. You collect money during each stage and you can spend it on mini-games and win medals. You can also use medals as money to buy weapons to help you in boss fights. Controls are top-notch. Every button responds perfectly and Wario can now pull off special moves with ease.

Wario can change into more different ”accident” states now which adds some humor to the game. Most of the stages require puzzle solving and using the items around you to get to a different place or get special items. Each level goal is not reasonably hard. Find the 4 pieces of Gems, and find the key to return to the exit under a certain time limit. The game’s not too hard compared to Wario 2 & 3, but it has some challenging stages. 

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