[Gameboy Advance] Yu-Gi-Oh! – Reshef Of Destruction

Yu-Gi-Oh! – Reshef Of Destruction
Full nameYu-Gi-Oh! - Reshef Of Destruction
File size0.0
Genre Card Game
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Reshef of Destruction (Duel Monsters 8 in Japan) is the sequel to The Sacred Cards (Duel Monsters 7 in Japan). The Sacred Cards has a style of gameplay different from the expert games.


Seto Kaiba has started another tournament and being a friend of Yugi and Joey. You’re going along with them. Don’t worry. You get to name your character, unlike the expert games. Joey talks to you about the tournament when Yugi shows up distraught, his Millennium Puzzle is missing, and its spirit is gone with it. Tea finds out, and Ishizu overhears their conversation. Just as she had feared, the Reshef has woken, so the Millennium Items and Egyptian God cards are gone. You’d better get them back before Kaiba or Bandit Keith, and his “Neo Ghouls” do, or else you’re screwed. Congratulations, you must now save the world using cards!


No expert rules here, but you already knew that. To save the world, you must travel around it (no joke). You will go to Canada, Italy, Egypt, and China with Yugi and Joey following you the whole way like Pikachu. You will duel every major and minor character from the Anime with the exceptions of Tea, Ishizu, Marik, Odion, Bakura, and Yugi’s grandpa. Some duelists don’t even appear in the Anime. Conversations are long, and you don’t get to say anything except what the game lets you, kind of like Golden Sun. Konami still doesn’t let your character walk diagonally, not that it matters much because most of the game is about dueling.

Dueling is no fun in this game. You start with a weak deck mostly made of monsters, and winning a duel means receiving Domino (money) and an increase in Duelist Level and Deck Capacity. Domino can be spent on cards in Yugi’s grandpa’s shop or passwords for 1000 each. Duelist Level is the game’s way of restricting better cards from being put in your deck until you’re strong enough. Better cards also have another value, the Deck Capacity. The combined deck capacity of your deck’s cards cannot exceed your own Deck Capacity. As a result, your deck will be improving very slowly.

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