[Gameboy Advance] Zoids Legacy

Zoids Legacy
Full nameZoids Legacy
File size0.0
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Zoids: Legacy is a popular role-playing game published in 2001 by Atari- Japan. The engaging storyline and dramatic gameplay are the main features of this role-playing game.


ZOIDS LEGACY is set in a Zi world. Here, a mess of electromagnetic wave energy shifts time flows, and the past is turned into the future. Past events happened over and over again with serious consequences.

Since then, the emperor and his aristocratic lineage have returned from the past and he has been madly testing the time-reversing machine.

One of the test victims was Zeru, and he lost all of his memories after being transported to another planet. After meeting Juno, he learns of the king’s dark scheme and hopes to extinguish it. The power of the time and space changing machine is still in Zi, and you need to disconnect this power supply to bring everything back to the way it was.


Zi is a special planet of Zoids robots. After some introduction to the game scene. Players will be accompanied by the main character Zeru. You will follow the instructions of the game to get your first warriors at Dr. T. Your next task is to collect enough Zoids to be able to complete the goal of winning the tournament. Of the dark organization Terra Geist. You cannot catch the original robots. You have to collect each part to make a complete one. These fragments will be dropped from battles or can be rewarded for winning matches. Warriors will also be upgraded after each match to be stronger.


The matches are played in turn. Weapons that are assembled on the character’s body will usually include pistols, machine guns, lasers, and plasma. The character can also sometimes be equipped with a fireball. Each weapon has a different speed and damage ability. The Zoids come in various types, but Zoids legacy is valued as one of the games that feature strategy battles.

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