[Gameboy Advance] Zoids Saga Fuzors

Zoids Saga Fuzors
Full nameZoids Saga Fuzors
File size4.3MB
Genre Role Playing
Region Japan Japan
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

This is a role-playing game in the series of famous Zoids saga games on the GBA platform. Tommy Corporation first published it in 2004 in-game markets such as the US and Europe.


Zoids Saga III: Fuzors, also known as Zoids Saga III, is set in the fantasy world of Zoids: Fuzors. “ZOIDS SAGA FUZORS” builds the plot on the planet Zi, with the events happening during the war between the two kingdoms. The player’s enemy has been completing a destructive robot named Zoid. You will have to take on the role of the prince of a kingdom to trace the traces to prevent this potential danger.


One of the significant changes to the game is how the Fuzor Zoids were conceived. The system will provide Zoids to the player, which can be customized and upgraded. However, this is not easy when you have to win the battles to collect every part of the losing Zoids. Then you have to find a way to put them together to form your Zoids.

Each Fuzor Zoid can be fused with other Zoids to increase its strength in each turn. The maximum number of merges is four times. After these four attempts, you will run out of chances to merge. Therefore, you need to have the right strategy to be able to use your advantages appropriately.

FZ EX mode

This is a unique feature when some Zoids have flight and landing modes. Liger Zero Pheonix, for example, is a Zoids with that ability. However, when flying, its power and speed become weaker when landing on the ground.

One of the remarkable changes this game has over its predecessors is that you can modify your Zoid weapon. However, if you are too eager to increase the power of the gun you are using too high, you may not meet the energy requirements that it needs from its owner. This again enhances the importance of strategic thinking in your gameplay if you want to win.

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