[Gameboy Advance] Zoids Saga II

Zoids Saga II
Full nameZoids Saga II
File size4.4MB
Genre Role Playing
Region Japan Japan
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Zoids Saga 2 is one of the games released in the Zoids Saga series on the Game Boy Advance platform. The game takes place mainly from the Zoids cartoon story and is primarily based on time travel. It was first released in 2003 in Japan by the publisher Atari Game.


In Zoids saga 2, Zi’s world was turned upside down by transforming accidents involving a time and space conduction device. Since then, fuse the lines of time. The game follows the events in Zoids saga 1 when the following two main characters are zeru Jupit and Juno Hera to help break the evil plot of the underworld Terra Geist organization and give the left. Land back to the time trajectory it needs.


Like part 1, in claim 2, this game still tries to create dramatic matches and build meticulous gameplay. To win the game, you need to increase your knowledge of the power of the attached items and focus on researching your opponent before each match. The producer will tell you about all the information and stats of the competitors’ strengths to do this. You need to have a clear fighting strategy if you don’t want to lose. The weapon system equipped was not much different from the appearance of pistols, machine guns, and fireballs. The more matches you win, the more you have the basis to upgrade your warriors.

In this game, the manufacturer has made some improvements to the original 2001 version. You won’t find Zoids in dungeons or on underworld locations. Instead, battles were spawned randomly, and the movements in prison were increased to 8 different directions.

The fight

Installed matches take place in continuous sessions. The weapons mentioned above, in addition, you can be provided with some advanced items like plasma guns, lasers. Each weapon has a different strength and mass. So you have to choose weapons for each match depending on the opponent of each specific game. This gameplay requires you to be able to use more flexible tactics and experience.

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