[Gameboy Advance] Zoids Saga

Zoids Saga
Full nameZoids Saga
File size3.7MB
Genre Role Playing
Region Japan Japan
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Zoids Saga is a Game Body Advance title of the popular Zoids series published in 2001 in Japan. The game is closely related to the Zoids cartoon series with the plot mainly based on time travel.


Zoids Saga is a story about the protagonist named Atory. He is the prince of the prosperous kingdom of Arcadia. After his death, the king soon passed on to the throne because of his generous and selfless heart. Atory always believed in the eternal peace of his kingdom. But then Empero appeared as an ambitious and cruel person. He always had the ambition to annex the planet Zi and take power. After great efforts, he has found a way to travel time to the past and implement his plan. Atory soon realized this conspiracy and gathered weapons to be able to build the most massive armed forces.


The game has been focused on building combat gameplay. The content-building developer of this game focuses on fighting gameplay. Quests and information from the characters are all about the match. You will have to add both strength and strategy if you want to win in this game. In other words, the Zoids Saga is about the process for each match. You will be provided with information about your opponent before each match. You need to analyze your opponent’s strength and come up with suitable strategies based on its combat movements and stats. Initially, you are provided with a default warrior. However, this warrior can still be customized and replaced in the future. You join the battle and get the right parts and weapons and can use them for your warriors. The guns carried on warriors depend on their type and body. But weapons can mainly be machine guns, and rockets are the most effective. Of course, the higher the level, the more your warrior will be upgraded.

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