[Gameboy Color] Alone In The Dark – The New Nightmare

Alone In The Dark – The New Nightmare
Full nameAlone In The Dark - The New Nightmare
File size2.2MB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Color (Download Emulator)

With survival and intellectual challenges, Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare will bring fascinating missions on a mysterious island. In this game, players will face many crazy challenges (monsters and complex puzzles).

The game Background

The game’s setting was on October 31, 2001. A man, Charles Fiske was murdered, and his body was found nearby Shadow Island’s sea, a desert island in Massachusetts’s sea. Due to Charles’s mysterious death, Edward Carnby (a victim’s close friend) decided to investigate the unexplained death. During the investigation, Carnby reached out to Frederick Johnson. He revealed that Charles’s death was related to the journey to find antiques. Charles was trying to find 3 mysterious antiques, and they could bring a scary source of power. As a result, Johnson asked Carnby to continue Charles’s work, and Carnby accepted the request. To support Edward, Johnson introduced an assistant, Aline Cedric – a university professor. They recovered the 3 artifacts together that Charles was looking for. However, they encountered a plane accident while moving through Shadow Island, a mysterious creature attacked it. Although the two quickly parachuted off the plane, they landed in two different positions. Edward landed in a small forest, and the next was a large manor. Meanwhile, Aline landed on the building’s roof belonging to the manor. Since then, the two main characters discovered this manor and investigated the mysterious creature that attacked their plane.

The Gameplay

In Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare, you will have the choice to control Aline Cedric or Edward Carnby. Due to landing in 2 different locations in the mysterious manor, each will have a separate mission. In which, Aline Cedric will focus on the intellectual challenge with solving the puzzles found. And Edward Carnby has to fight the mysterious creatures on the island. In the course of investigating, players will find a truth that is hidden under Shadow Island. Besides, underground is another world, and it is the Dark World. In particular, the machine accident is done by the Dark World creatures. Therefore, the task is to find the portal that connects the two worlds and destroy so that the dark creatures cannot invade humanity.

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