[Gameboy Color] Army Men 2

Army Men 2
Full nameArmy Men 2
File size557.9KB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Color (Download Emulator)

With the previous version’s success, 3DO continued to release Army Men II in 1999. In the game, the events take place at many military bases in North America. After conquering the enemy’s land, Plastro, the empire’s leader sent his troops deep into the base. However, the army was chased by Sarge. In that dangerous situation, Major Plastro was bribed and betrayed his empire. He had to announce Plastro’s journey and assassination. The fierce battles which took place in the game, give players many new experiences.

Basically, Plastro divides his army into different directions to stop the enemy. The player will control Sund with his army to defend a base. He goes through 12 levels with increasing difficulty. He has to find his way to go to the base in the first stage. On the way, Sund communicates with the soldiers and looks for clues. He has an assault rifle with unlimited bullets. Sund and his army have to fight many enemies. He receives bonuses and clues leading to the next areas. With the collected bonuses, Sund brings in-store radios to contact HQ in the next level. During the conversation, Sund receives an agent’s message of the missing empire. After receiving the notice, he robs the tank in the base and moves to the airport. He fights the security guards at the airport to get the key to open the room where the spy is detained. Sund completes the goal of rescuing spies when defeating enemies in the fourth level.

Sund and his army go to the island, where a colonel is missing by a military plane. The rescue journey takes place safely until they return to the mainland. Enemies are available at the coast and attack the army. Many soldiers died in this war. Sund will make a reasonable move to find a way out of the island. He returns safely to the mainland under Plastro’s aid. Sund and Plastro attack Sarge’s based directly on the final level. They have to fight with advanced military weapons. Dramatic gun battles take place between Sund and Plastro with Sarge’s officers and leaders. The game ends when the soldiers in the base are completely defeated, and Plastro captures the base from Sarge.

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