[Gameboy Color] Army Men

Army Men
Full nameArmy Men
File size0.0
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Color (Download Emulator)

Army Men is a dramatic action game by 3DO. The game offers an enjoyable experience for players with many mission systems and simple gameplay.


In Army Men, players will control Plastro through many stages to complete their mission. He has a rifle and armor to ensure safety during the journey. He starts the first stage in a ghost town. Following an introduction from Sarge, Plastro has to go to the desert theater and look for clues. With a view from above, he easily spots enemies within his field. Guardians are Plastro’s original enemies. To destroy them, he has to move to behind the obstructions to avoid the attack from the enemy. Upon being discovered, Plastro repeatedly fires at enemies to defeat them. He receives bonus points and a piece of the map after finishing the first stage. Following the instructions, Plastro turns to a bridge where a large tank appeares. His next mission is to destroy it to prevent the destruction in the base. However, he has to fight with many guards. In addition to the rifle, Plastro also has grenades and automatic catapults. Grenades help him kill many enemies when they stand side by side. Plastro has to cross many bridges with traps and obstacles. He collects energy and physical regeneration items when enemies are destroyed. Plastro’s movement speed is increased when he passes certain stages.

Many new challenges

Besides, Plastro enters the enemy’s base at the next stage. He meets the soldiers and discovers the place which is holding his comrades. From the information, Plastro accompanies the army to the base’s entrance and searches the prison. He faces dangers such as obstacles, soldiers, and Sarge leaders. If Plastro dies when dropping from the top of a base or being attacked by an enemy, he will return to the base and lose the previous bounty. The final battle takes place between Plastro and Sarge at the center. Sarge has a machine gun and armor in this battle. To be safe, Plastro uses the collected bonuses to buy mana and regeneration items. The game ends when Sarge and his empire are defeated by the Plastro soldiers. Plastro takes the land from the Sarge empire and returns to base.

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